how to get rid of a stomach virus

How To Get Rid Of A Stomach Virus At Home

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How to get rid of a stomach virus? You should know the description of the stomach virus before taking the appropriate steps to cure this disease. This disease is referred to as viral gastroenteritis or stomach flu. The disease has several symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal cramps, and watery diarrhea. The cause of stomach flu is a virus that develops after contact with water or food that has been contaminated with the virus. This disease can also be caused by bacteria.

Stomach flu is an unpleasant disease but the disease has recovered in just a few days without serious problems. You should know that there is no specific treatment for this disease. Usually, the infection will run and there are home treatments that can be done to cure this disease.

How to Get Rid of a Stomach Virus Fast

There is no specific medicine to cure this disease so you can take antibiotics to cure viral diseases. You can take ibuprofen to reduce pain and fever but you should use this medicine with caution because it can make your kidneys work hard and get dehydrated. Antiemetic can be used to cure nausea.

Is the stomach flu contagious? The answer is yes. You can infect others for several weeks. It depends on the virus that makes you stomach ache. Viruses that can cause gastroenteritis are rotavirus and norovirus. This disease can be caused by a different type of virus and transmission of this disease begins when you come into contact with an infected person or you are eating foods and drinks that have been contaminated by this virus.

How long does stomach flu last in adults? This condition depends on the cause of the disease. Usually, symptoms of this disease will appear 1 to 3 days after you have the infection. The symptoms can last up to 10 days. Maybe you are confused to distinguish between stomach flu and food poisoning symptoms. The second symptom of this disease is similar but the main difference in this disease is the duration. Stomach flu can last longer than food poisoning.

How to get rid of a stomach virus? You need home remedies. People who experience this disease will be dehydrated due to lack of food and fluids. Your body will lack fluid from sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea. You should drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

Stomach flu will reduce your appetite. You can consume diluted fruit juices, decaffeinated soft drinks, and sports drinks. You can also eat broth and soup. These foods can be home remedies for stomach flu. You should not eat spicy foods because they will aggravate diarrhea.

The best stomach flu treatment is rest. Stomach flu will make your body feel tired and your body needs the energy to repair damage and fight infection. Your immune system can work well when you are at rest. You should rest at night and day. You can consume ginger, mint and lemon tea. Ginger can help your digestive performance. Lemon tea can relieve bloating and cramps.

Hopefully, you can apply these steps at home. That’s the simple step of how to get rid of a stomach virus.

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