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How To Get Rid Of Ants Using Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Ants Using Home Remedies – A good and healthy house is not only that with the beautiful and expensive interior. The cleanliness and hygiene must also be kept well. Therefore, the owners can just want to stay there much longer. The problem is; there is often unwelcomed guess just like the ants. Although they are naturally in some spots, groups of ants simply indicate that your home is not really comfortable. So, it is much better to remove them. So, how to get rid of ants fast and naturally is mentioned below.

How to get rid of ants naturally

Betel Leaves

Betel leaves are often used as an additional ingredient of toothpaste since it indeed strengthens your teeth naturally. Its strong base content is also effective to remove small and tiny animals including the ants. To use it, it is really easy. Just squeeze some betel leaves until there is little water coming out. Put those squeezed leaves on some spots at home. Its smell is not liked by the ants and they will simply go away from that area.

Coffee Powder

Another best way to get rid of ants nest in the house is by using coffee powder. You also don’t need to put a lot of efforts of this. Just pour the coffee powder where the ants are commonly grouped. You can also fill in the ant nest with it. The ants can just be simply killed without giving any side effects to the family members.


There is another smell that is really disliked by the ants. It is from vinegar. Its strong acid content also tends to make them killed without being poisonous for the areas around. How is to use it? just place this kind of home remedies for ants in the kitchen in a spray bottle. Then spray it on the ant areas. If there is a nest in the kitchen, just spray it until the hole is filled in with vinegar liquid.


Cucumber is indeed refreshing and giving so many benefits for human’s health and beauty. But for animals like ants, it is just a big no. Even ants are known to have a kind of phobia with cucumber. How to get rid of ants permanently using cucumber is quite easy. Slice the cucumber into some small or tiny pieces. Place them on the areas where the ants are coming from. The ants can just be simply removed and even killed using this.


Mint is cool, refreshing, and of course good to be consumed regularly. Now, there is one more reason why you should provide mint in your refrigerator. Yes, it is to get rid of the ants. Whether it is fresh mint leaves or those that have been used before, you can just spread it around the areas of ants. Easily, they will go away.


One more remedy for removing the ants. It is lemon. It depends on your wants whether you want to spray the lemon juice around or just put some slices of lemon in the areas of ants. Both are good to get rid of the ants and even germs and disturbing insects.

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