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How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes Permanently Without Makeup

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Dark circles under your eyes are not harmful to your body but they harm your perfect appearance. That important to know how to get rid of dark circles under eyes permanently. People with dark circles tend to look older and saggy. Dark circles can be caused by lack of sleep of alcohol consumption. Those who have thin skin are also high risk to develop dark circles under eyes. Apart from that, heredity and allergies, oversleeping, stress is also being found as causes of dark circles.

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes without makeup

You can actually lighten the dark circles using concealer but it doesn’t solve the problem permanently. When you don’t wear your makeup, the dark circles still exist. Dark circles may appear suddenly in the morning after you have sleep deprivation last night. So here are some tips for you to remove the dark circles under your eyes quickly without the use of makeup:

  • Tea bags – Tea just like coffee containing caffeine which is good for reducing swollen skin under your eyes. Brew some tea then take out the bags. Squeeze excess water then put the tea bag in your fridge for about ten minutes. Put the tea bags over your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can use this tips to treat temporary dark circles or eye bag due to stress, sleep deprivation, crying etc.
  • Cucumber – If you want to know how to get rid of dark circles under eyes in one day, you can use cucumber in your fridge. Cucumber doesn’t contain certain compounds or enzymes which help reducing dark circles fast. Cucumber gives off chilling sensation which can help reducing temporary swollen skin and dark circles under your eyes. Just slice cucumber and place it over your eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes every morning or before going to bed.
  • Tomato – This fruit contains antioxidants which are good for skin and remove dark circles. Apply a teaspoon of tomato juice to the area under your eyes. Leave it for about 10-15 minutes then rinse it with fresh water. You can do this treatment once or twice a day. It’s also good for you to include tomato juice in your diet as it’s a good source of antioxidants. This can be the best way of how to remove dark circles permanently.
  • Almond oil – Almonds contain vitamin E which is good for healthy skin. The oil of almonds is good to make your skin more supple. Before going to bed, you can apply almond oil on the area under your eyes then massage your skin gently. Leave it overnight and you can wash it in the morning. You can repeat this treatment every night.

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes cream

Aside from using home remedies tips above, you may also use eye cream to remove dark circles. What cream is good for getting rid of dark circles? Let’s take a look:

  • Sunscreen – As told above that thin skin tends to develop dark circles easily. The skin under you is thinner than other parts so it develops dark circles faster. It gets worse when you get sun exposure on your daily basis. Thus, you can use sunscreen with the lightening agent so the dark circles will disappear. The use of sunscreen is also beneficial to prevent dark spots to appear on your face.
  • Caffeinated cream- Caffeine is good for removing puffiness as well as discoloration of the skin. Thus, it’s good to use the caffeinated cream as part of how to get rid of dark circles under eyes. You can get over the counter caffeinated cream. Just dab a small amount of caffeinated cream under your eyes where the dark circles and puffiness appear. Gently pat till the cream is absorbed well into the skin. The tips to make this treatment more effective is to put the cream in your fridge so the cold cream will help to reduce your swollen eye bags. As you know, swollen eye bags may lead to dark circles.

Removing dark circles through daily habits

Some cream or makeup can cover up dark circles temporarily. However, you can get rid of dark circles or eye bags permanently by changing your lifestyle. Here are the tips:

  • Avoid stress – Stress, lack of sleep, excessive fatigue may lead to the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. When you’re not stressed, your skin will be healthy as well and your dark circles will disappear. You can relieve your stress through yoga, doing your hobby, exercising, eat healthy food, and have enough sleep.
  • Stay hydrated – When you are dehydrated, your skin will tend to bloat. Thus, make sure that you drink 8 to 12 glass of water a day so your metabolism runs well. This is the best ways of how to get rid of dark circles under eyes fast.
  • Avoid sun exposure – It may be impossible to avoid the sun but you can minimize the effect by using sunscreen in your daily basis, using a large hat or umbrella to protect your face from direct sun exposure, etc.
  • Fix sleeping position – Make sure that your head is elevated when you’re sleeping. This can be the right dark circles under eyes treatment. While you’re sleeping, the fluids can accumulate around your face especially under your eyes. In the meantime, it results in the saggy skin under your eyes and develops into dark circles. Thus, elevate your head slightly using the extra pillow so it can prevent the fluids to accumulate under your eyes.

Some people choose medical procedure such as laser surgery to remove dark circles and eye bags permanently. However, it costly and painful so lots of people tend to choose home remedies or certain creams instead. You can choose yourself how to get rid of dark circles under eyes but natural remedies are strongly recommended for the permanent result and avoid harmful side effects.

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