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How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair For Permanent

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Many women have to deal with the fact of having their hair grows in unpredicted places including the worst places. These extra hairs growing on above the lip or along the jawline, for instance, are pains that women definitely have to get rid of. So, finding out the solutions on how to get rid of facial hair is very important. It’s always a good idea to get rid of it permanently so there will be no other occasions of having to deal with even stronger unwanted hair.

How To Get Rid of Facial Hair Permanently

Well, we’ll start with discussing the solutions for a permanent result. Remember, these solutions are definitely not cheap. They can be quite costly but you will be satisfied with the result.

Laser Hair Removal

The laser treatment is a permanent facial hair removal that is very common. It is also named after intense pulse light therapy. It works in one particular way by shooting certain light’s wavelength that the hair follicle will absorb by itself. After the follicle absorbs the light, the light converts into heat killing the hair follicle. It has many advantages including the fact that it can treat larger portion at once. However, it isn’t recommended for fine hair because the cost is quite high.


Another permanent way on how to get rid of unwanted hair is known as electrolysis. This treatment works by using the concentrated heat which works to destroy the hair follicle one by one so it will not grow anymore. Usually, it is common for those with light or fuzzy hair who want to get rid of their hair permanently.

Natural Hair Removal

Aside from the permanent clinical treatment for hair removal, there are also some natural home remedies that can be quite helpful as well. However, these natural remedies cannot provide the permanent result so they must be applied or used regularly.

Among the most common natural hair removal remedies, the honey hair removal wax is definitely a popular one. Usually, honey is mixed with lemon juice to create facemask. What this facemask does is to assist in removing the hair from the face while freshening the skin. It is necessary to apply the mask once a week for a better result.

When you decide to apply this solution on how to remove facial hair permanently with honey, the hair will be gone for the long period.

Papaya and Turmeric

Here come other natural substances to remove the hair, turmeric and papaya. Two of them make a great combination to get rid of any unwanted hair. What papaya does is breaking down hair follicles by using its papain enzyme. This enzyme is also known to be able to prevent the hair from growing another time. Meanwhile, the turmeric offers help to make the papain enzyme more effective. It contains stable compounds to kill and prevent the hair re-growth.

Egg White Mask

If you are a big fan of facial mask, try the egg white mask. It is known to contain a lot of protein that provides the nutrients so the skin can produce enough collagen. This way, the skin will be looking youthful and fresh. Once the mask dries, the facial hair will stick to it. So, when you rip the mask off, the hairs will be automatically plucked.

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