How To Get Rid Of Hickeys

How To Get Rid Of Hickeys

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How to get rid of hickeys. Sometimes you and your partner are too cool when making physical contact, to forget there is a little effect to make you confused, such as when kissing. Kisses can be done on the body, such as the cheek, forehead to the neck. However, this too intense and passionate kiss sometimes leaves a kiss mark or known as a hickey. This can disturb your appearance and embarrass you. Don’t worry, there are many ways to remove hickey which is easy enough for you to try.

how to get rid of a hickey with a coin

How to get rid of a hickey with a coin? The former kiss can make the skin becomes a bruise. Ordinary, the former kiss is known as hickey is blackish, blue, or red. The bruises are caused by the rupture of blood vessels near your skin, and the color of the betta is the blood trapped in the tissue under the skin. Slowly the color will disappear if the bruises have gradually healed. To make the blood circulation in the hickey section a little smooth, you can use coins. The easy way, use a coin to then rubbed slowly on the hickeys. Don’t aggravate the hickey condition, you don’t need to scrub too wide, as this will give a longer red shape. Rubbing the coins will smooth the blood so that the hickey will fade faster. This is a natural way to help hickey fading. If you are in hurry by the activity that must be done right then, So this way is not suitable for the application.

How to remove hickeys fast

Remove hickey fastly can you have done with using peppermint oil. Peppermint oil that is applied gives a cool sensation naturally. If you are confused to get peppermint, you can also use toothpaste. Most kinds of toothpaste contain peppermint inside. Surely this object will be easy to find in your bathroom. This will smooth the area on the bruised part and will quickly eliminate the hickey effectively. In addition, you can also use eye drops. Apply eye drops on the skin that bruised because of a hickey. After a while, you should rinse the hickey with cold water. This medicine will reduce the redness of the hickey. So sometime later, the hickey will disappear. Moreover, aloe vera a lot of benefits for skin affairs, not least bruised because of a hickey. You only have to stick aloe gel in the area of the bruised skin. Let stand a few minutes. This gel serves to reduce the sensitivity of the former area of the kiss. This is how to remove hickeys fast.

How to cover hickeys with makeup

How to cover hickeys with makeup? If you have an event at that time, then you can cover your hickey with a makeup dressing. You only need a concealer whose color is the same as the existing part of the hickey. Cover the hickey with the counselor neatly. You have to ensure that the concealer is longlasting products. This method can certainly apply to those of you who have makeup. If you are a man, you can borrow makeup to your girlfriend. Thus, you can move without having to be embarrassed because of the hickey that can be seen by others.

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