How to get rid of hickeys

7 Quick Ways of How to Get Rid of Hickies

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A love bite or a kiss mark is actually a type of bruise which many people called as a hickey. It is a result of sucking or kissing someone’s skin way too hard that causes the capillaries broken and pool his or her blood turns the skin purple or red. A hickey can be gone at least after a week and then the skin will be fully healed. After it healed, there will be mark or scar left behind on the skin. Even though some people see hickey as a pride of love, other people find it very embarrassing. You actually can hide hickey by hiding it under the clothes or using makeup. But don’t worry since there are many ways of how to get rid of hickies. In this article, we will give you 6 quick ways to get rid of them in natural ways using things that are easy to be found.

How to get rid of hickeys fast by following these steps 

First method: a coin

The first method you can try of how to get rid of hickies fast is by using a coin. This is maybe the strangest yet the most painful way of how to get rid of a hickey with a coin. First, you need to stretch your skin which is affected by Hickey. After that, use a coin and use its ridge to slowly rub it to your skin. In order to do it correctly, imagine that your skin is a loaf of bread and you need to spread some jam on it using a coin. Remember that you don’t press the coin too heavy on your skin because it can cause bleeding on the skin and you can cut yourself with it. Even though it’s painful, it is considered as the fastest way to get rid of hickeys. Always clean the coin before using it.

Second method: cold compress


In order to get rid of a hickey, the clots of the blood need to be broken apart so it will make the blood spread out throughout the body. It can be helped by using a cold compress on the skin where you have the hickey. By using a cold compress, it can reduce the bleeding and constrict ruptured the skin capillaries.

First of all, you need to put several ice cubes in a clean paper towel. After that, press it against your skin lightly around 20 minutes. Repeat this action couple times in each day. By using an ice pack, it will help your skin from swelling where the hickey exists. It can also reduce the pain you feel from it. Never apply the ice cubes directly to your skin because of ice burn will occur. The other way to do cold compress is by using a spoon. Put it in the fridge around 15 minutes and then take it out. Wrap it in a clean cloth and rub to your skin gently until you feel the spoon is no longer cold. You can do this action couple times until your hickey is gone.

The third method: peppermint


The third method of how to get rid of a hickies overnight is by using peppermint. Peppermint has a stimulant effect which can help improve the circulation of blood. And for that reason, it is very useful to get rid of hickeys. It also heals the vessels of the capillary.

Take peppermint oil to be applied to the skin where the hickeys exist. At first, you will feel a little bit tingling sensation just for a while. Since peppermint is a powerful ingredient, do not use it more than twice a day since it can cause irritation. You can also try to apply some toothpaste that peppermint-based on the affected skin for several minutes. After you will not feel tingling anymore, wipe it off with a washcloth that is already soaked in the warm water. It will make your hickey gone in no time.

Fourth method: alcohol


The next way of how to get rid of hickies on your neck is by using alcohol. You can rub alcohol after few hours you get the hickey. Alcohol has disinfectant sensation, cooling properties, and soothing that can help you get rid of hickey very fast. First, apply some drops of alcohol to the affected skin in a cotton ball after that, rub it to the affected skin for couple minutes. It can also help you minimize the discomfort feeling when you got the hickey. After that don’t forget to apply some moisturizing lotion since rubbing can alcohol can dry your skin. You can do this remedy for two or three times in two days.

Fifth method: aloe vera


The next natural remedy is by using aloe vera. It is a natural moisturizer that can help you minimize the sensitivity of affected skin because of hickeys. It is also soothing properties and anti-inflammatory that is able to burst the capillaries under your skin in order to heal it fast. The extract of aloe vera can be used as massage to be applied to your bruise. You can do this remedy for three or four times in one day. You don’t need to worry if you can’t find aloe vera at home because you can use aloe vera-based lotion or cream and then apply it as the direction above.

Sixth method: banana peel


If how to get rid of a hickey with chapstick doesn’t work, you can use banana peels. They have cooling and soothing properties as well as peppermint. It can help you decrease the hickey mark fast. First, you need to cut the peel of a banana that is already ripe. The size depends on the size of your hickey. Place the inside part of the banana peel on your hickey for around 30 minutes. You can do this remedy three or four times in one day to minimize the bruise.

Seventh method: vitamin K


Did you know that vitamin K actually can be used to treat hickey? It prevents blood clots or coagulation. This type of vitamin can help your body in absorbing blood that is pooled and make the healing process way faster.

So, who said the ways of how to get rid of hickies are difficult and complicated? You can try these steps to make the bruise goes away in no time!

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