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How To Get Rid Of Nausea After Drinking

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How to get rid of nausea after a drink? Sometimes, when we get drunk, we get these “Weird” feeling on the stomach that rises slowly and leaves the feeling of lightheaded, hot and uncomfortable to downright. Nausea is the complex protective mechanism as the symptom appears in nausea is influenced from messages sent to the brain because the threat such as toxic builds up (especially when you drink alcohol) or strong negative emotion and intestinal blockage.

How to get rid of nausea fast

When we get nausea, vomit also accompanying this illness. Nausea is feeling from you feel that you can vomit, emptying the stomach by forcefully through the mouth. When you feel nauseous, you may experience cold sweat, become pale, increased pulse or heart rate and produce extra saliva. In some cases, vomiting can relieve the feeling of nausea because your body eliminates the harmful substances that cause the sensation.  How to stop nausea and vomiting by natural remedies in fast? You can get ingredients that already available in the kitchen such as ginger, cannabis oil, peppermint essential oil or chamomile tea and lemon.  Nausea is unpleasant feeling and can be caused by several factors. Therefore, it will be useful to know how to get rid of nausea that cost-effective and safe such as using those natural remedies.

  • Eat ginger. For years, people take ginger to reduce nausea and vomiting. The research from National Institutes of health show that consume mixes of tangerine pith, ginger, and brown sugar before drinking alcohol can decrease the result of nausea and vomiting.
  • Cut fresh lemon and inhale when feeling nauseous. You also can squeeze lemon and drink the lemon water.
  • Let it go. The last, when your nausea feeling reaches the points where you need to vomit, then do not try to fight with it. This is the natural process from your body to expel substances that harm your body. Vomiting out the substances in your stomach can make you feel better.

It is great to know how to get rid of nausea from drinking with natural remedies as soon as you need to wake up in next morning.

How to heal nausea with home remedies

How to get rid of nausea and headache at the same time? the headaches may come from dehydration as alcohol have diuretic characteristic and your body adjusts into dropping blood of alcohol levels after you stop drinking.

  • Drink fresh water. While you drinking alcohol. Try to stay hydrated. When you wake up in the morning and feel groggy, then drink up more to rehydrate and flush the impurities from your body.
  • Vitamin B6. Take 25mg of vitamin B6 3 times a day until the nausea symptoms disappear.
  • Peppermint essential oil. Rub 1-2 drops of peppermint essential oil to areas in the back of neck and bottoms of feet.  You also can add 5-10 drops of peppermint oil into warm water to bath and soak your body. The other way, you can add 3 drops of this oil to cool compress and place over your head.

With these nausea home remedies beyond, you can get several extra benefits to your body. Ginger is the most famous natural remedies for nausea as it has anti-inflammatory properties, warm your body and soothing.  You can try these guides on how to get rid of nausea when you invited to party and drink alcohol.

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