how to get rid of onion breath

How To Get Rid Of Onion Breath Naturally

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How to get rid of onion breath by natural ways? There are simplest ways to get rid of onion breath, by chewing mint or wash with mouthwash. Onion and garlic are members of the same family. Consume much of these vegetables can cause bad breath. The bad breath after consume onion mostly related with the substances on garlic, such as sulfuric compounds. Onion is also considered as a promoter of certain microbes in the inside of your mouth so it can causes bad breath.  Then, how long does onion breath last? The onion breath can last for hours, and even for two days. Therefore, so many people are curious on how to eliminate as it also influence to the body odor too.

How to get rid of bad breath fast

What is the best way on how to eliminate bad breath naturally? Bad breath can intermittent as well. Smokers also suffer from bad breath too. There are several causes of bad breath that can be prevented.  Dehydration, the medication you take, certain foods and drinks can make you suffer from bad breath. The fastest way how to get rid of onion breath is use the nature gives to rid of by using herbs. Drink green tea, chewing spearmint gum (ensure it is sugarless), drink diluted apple cider vinegar, use certain essential oils (peppermint oil, rosemary, eucalyptol) that blended with carriers oils( coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil).

How to get rid of bad breath permanently with natural remedies

The most common ways people to get rid of bad breath permanently are by using mouthwash or mint. However, you should know that the causes or bad breath is the imbalance of bacteria in the mouth. When you do lifestyle changes and take natural remedies, you can get rid of the bad breath in permanently.

  • Mouth rinse with warm salt water. Warm salt water can kill the bacteria in your mouth.
  • As you clean your teeth, then clean the tongue too. The white tongue can indicated for dead cell and microscopic bacteria and food residue.
  • Drink water and swish the cool water around the mouth. This will especially useful for freshen the morning breath.
  • Brush every meal and so do flossing.
  • Arrange checkup and cleanings teeth to your dental.
  • Decrease your stress. Stress can affect to your body odor such as your bad breath too.

If your bad breath persists after you take natural remedies, then you need to consult with your dentist.  They will help you to investigate the causes of your bad breath and give you a recommendation on how to make your breath smell good all day.  Avoid foods and drinks that can trigger the bad breath such as onions, garlic, coffee, alcohol and etc. that can causes the bad breath temporarily. When you order food in the restaurant that contains much with onions or ingredients that causes bad breath, then you can bring natural remedies such as chewing gum mint or essential oil to practice how to get rid of onion breath in fast or temporarily as soon you get to home to clean your mouth entirely.

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