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How To Get Rid Of Pimples And Acnes

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Having pimples is something that everyone especially woman never wants. It is not bad as acne but it still makes the facial appearance worse. And, it can be quite irritating when it is accompanied by pain. Therefore, knowledge on how to get rid of pimples is important.

How To Get Rid of Acne Fast

Pimple refers to certain skin condition affecting many people both men and women. It is actually skin inflammation where the bacteria infect the sebaceous glands. It causes the skin to swell up and also filled with pus. Usually, the primary cause is excess sebum secretion. It can appear in many parts of the body including face, back, neck and also shoulders.

When it comes to pimples, natural ways to get rid of pimples can make great option instead of chemical based or clinical treatments.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been a common treatment for a pimple and acne. It is one of the answers on how to get rid of acne naturally. This essential oil is particular extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia tree originates from Australia. It is known for having the ability to reduce skin inflammation and right bacteria. It may result in certain effects like burning sensation, irritation and dryness. It may also cause redness to be careful when applying in on the affected area.

Other Essential Oils

There are other essential oils that make good options for how to remove pimples naturally and permanently. These include clove, lavender, rose, and cinnamon essential oil. The basil essential oil also makes great option because it helps to fasten the healing process.

Green Tea

This particular home remedy for a pimple is known to be quite effective. Green tea is not only healthy to drink but also help to reduce and remove the pimples. What green tea contains to help to fight off the bacteria and inflammation accompanying the pimples include tannins and flavonoids. And, it is also rich in EGCG, a type of antioxidant which is effective to inhibit the acne growth, reduce sebum production and fight inflammation.

Aloe Vera

If you are a big fan of aloe vera, you have found yourself an effective home remedy for pimples and acne. It is known as a tropical plant to fight off the bacteria, promote wound healing and reduce the inflammation. It contains various useful substance include urea nitrogen, sulfur, phenols, cinnamonic acid, salicylic acid, and lupeol.

If your pimples seem to have made no difference in the use of home treatment, maybe you should use chemical based treatment or go to the doctor. The treatment can be in the medium to long term depending on the severity of the pimples and acne. In terms of how to get rid of acne fast, you can start by using antiseptics and benzoyl peroxides.

Before going to sleep, applying antibiotic lotion can be quite helpful to dry up the pimples and acne. Do it regularly every day for better result. And if you think hygiene issue has something to do with your pimples, change the pillowcase regularly and wash your make up as soon as you get home.


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