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How To Get Rid Of Plaque On Teeth With Natural Remedies

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To get flawless and clean white teeth, it is important to know how to get rid of plaque properly. Plaque is a buildup of bacteria on your teeth that form together into sticky material on the tooth surface. If it is not cleaned the combination of the plaque and other minerals inside the mouth will be accumulated and forms tartar, which will be even more difficult to clean.

But plaque and tartar is not only about appearance. It can be a perfect place for the other bacteria to grow, which eventually will destroy the enamel and cause dental cavities. If you want your teeth to look pretty, healthy and free from plaque and tartar, these natural home remedies can be very helpful.

How to Get Rid of Plaque on Teeth with Baking Soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is an effective home remedy to get rid of plaque and tartar. Baking soda contains antibacterial property and its antacid nature also can neutralize the acidity inside the mouth, which will kill the bacteria in the process.

Now, let’s find out how to remove plaque from teeth with baking soda. Firstly, put one teaspoon of baking soda and salt together. After that use wet toothbrush to mix the baking soda and salt together until they turn into the paste. Apply the paste on the toothbrush and brush your teeth, especially the area covered by plaque and tartar carefully.

It is an effective treatment, but don’t use it too often since prolonged use of baking soda can damage the enamel. Use it once every two days during treatment. After that, limit the usage to once every two weeks to prevent bacteria build up in the future.

Brush Your Teeth Properly with Fluoride Toothpaste

One of the main causes of plaque buildup is not because you don’t brush your teeth, but because you don’t do it right. So, if you want to know how to get rid of plaque effectively and prevent it from coming again, you need to know how to brush your teeth properly.

Make sure to reach every part and every brushing session should last above 2 minutes. Choose a soft toothbrush so it doesn’t hurt your gum. You also can use electric plaque remover to for better result. Furthermore, don’t forget to use toothpaste that contains fluoride since it can reduce the acid level in your mouth.

Use Clove and Olive Oil

Removing tartar from teeth at home also can be effectively done with the help of clove and olive oil mixture. Clove is known for its anti-microbes property and it is also often used to treat dental problems. Plaque remover mouthwash also often contains this amazing home remedy. To use clove to remove plaque, simply mix a teaspoon of crushed cloves with olive oil. After that, apply the mixture on the area and wait for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

Now that you know how to get rid of plaque with various natural remedies, you can easily take care of your teeth from home. But if the buildup is severe, it is best to go to the dentist before the problems get worse.

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