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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks – Clinical And Natural Treatment

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For a woman, finding the answers on how to get rid of stretch marks is very important. Stretch marks can be considered as nightmares for women because it changes the skin appearance. Unfortunately, it can be very natural especially for pregnant women.

Stretch mark itself refers to the changes in the skin caused by weight gain or growth. It is not a health issue so even though it appears, it doesn’t mean that something wrong is happening to your health. Among the most common causes of stretch marks on women and men are puberty and pregnancy. Usually, it appears as thin purple or red line on the skin with the different texture. Finally, it fades and changes in color into white or translucent.

How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast Naturally

Unfortunately, how to get rid of stretch marks fast naturally is not really that easy. It takes to process and time to get rid of it or make it fade. The home remedies are not too effective either because usually, they require longer process and more frequent use. Yet, any remedies are worth to try because having the skin appearance back to normal is very important, right.

Clinical-Based Treatment

When we discuss the best stretch mark treatment, the option varies from chemical or clinical based on natural treatment. We cannot decide which one is the most effective before trying it because every skin is unique.

As for the clinically based treatment, many doctors recommend the use of retinol creams. These are specially designed creams and the vitamin A-derived products. They are usually used for lines and wrinkles treatments. Their way of work is unique. It builds the collagen and makes thicker and healthier. S a result, it allows improvement in the skin appearance. Retinol has been known to be quite effective so it is worth to try.

Among the best way to get rid of stretch marks, technological-based treatment has been known to be very effective. In this case, your option is to use the Fractional Laser treatment using special devices to get rid of the stretch marks. This treatment option is definitely not cheap and not natural at all. But, if you want to get rid of it the fastest way, it is the most possible option. It can give up to 75% improvement after the treatment.

Natural Treatments for Stretch Marks

If you want to go all natural, perhaps, you can consider some of these recommended treatments. Meanwhile, you should also know some tips on how to prevent stretch marks although they may not be very effective. For instance, limit your weight gain during pregnancy and stay fit by doing exercises.

Let’s get back to the natural treatment. Start by having the aloe vera. It is a useful natural substance to soften and heal the skin. You can apply the pure version of aloe vera onto the skin regularly and you should see some changes after a few weeks. Other natural treatments include essential oils that can also be applied directly to the skin. Be patient when using natural treatments because the result is definitely not instant.

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