how to make your hair soft and silky

3 Simple Ways On How To Make Your Hair Soft And Silky

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Having soft and gentle hair is not always using much budget and money. It is enough to apply right efforts on how to make your hair soft. You can make your hair silky, shiny, and soft by using natural materials that are relatively affordable. Getting perfect hair is not an easy way. It is more than shampooing and using a hairdryer. The right natural products for hair treatment can make your hair beautiful and look amazing shortly.

How To Make Your Hair Soft and Silky

Using Water of Rice

If you want to get healthy and soft hair with natural way, you can take the water of rice. The water of rice is trusted for decades of Japanese women because it’s an amazing ability to help your hair grow longer, stronger, and shiner. Why should you choose it to be a way on how to make your hair soft and silky? It is caused that water of rice is rich with inositol carbohydrate that has been known for helping to strengthen the hair root.

Some studies even have proven its effectiveness in increasing hair elasticity. It is a great solution on how to make hair shiny. Firstly, prepare two cups of rice to the container and then add eight glasses of water. Make sure that the water has covered rice. Let the rice rinsed for 20 to 25 minutes until the water turns to be white milk. Then, strain the rice to get its water. Before applying it, you can use your favorite shampoo. After it has been cleaned, rinse your hair with water of rice. Let it dry. What will you get? Your hair feels so soft, gentle, shiny, hydrated, and elastic. You can conduct this way on how to make your hair soft right now.

Applying Right Treatment for Your Hair

If you love doing workouts or outdoor activities, it is better to implement right treatments for your hair. For rough hair texture, it is better to prevent to bond your hair to be the high ponytail. Choose a nice material of hair band. Don’t take plastic one because it is not too friendly for your rough hair. Take detangler hair brush always that has been created to manage your hair without breaking the hair. This can be a good option on how to make hair softer.

Choosing Right Shampoo for Shiny Hair

After you have conducted those efforts, it is time to do the other step on how to get silky hair instantly. Choose the shampoo with basic components having functions to make your hair soft and shiny such as water, glycerine, and keratin. Keratine is a compound in shampoo that is able to get rid of dull hair and make it soft along the day. Water keeps your hair to stay soft and gentle after shampooing. Meanwhile, glycerine works to fight for frizz because it’s great ability to absorb to hair branch and moisturize from the inside. It is also creating protection layers for your hair in order to not get fallen easily when you used styling tools with high heat. Those are some simple ways on how to make your hair soft.


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