how to pop your ears after flying

How To Pop Your Ears After Flying

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Learning how to pop your ears after flying is very important for those who fly frequently. Clogged ears during flight are very common, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not annoying. It happens because the Eustachian tubes fail to open normally due to the changes in altitude. The air in your nose, ear and throat cannot flow properly. As a result, it creates pressure that blocks your ears. When it happens, there is no need to worry. Simply use one of the methods below and your hearing will be back to normal.

How to Pop Your Ears After a Flight with Valsalva Maneuver

Even though the name sounds fancy, the technique is actually very simple. You can even use it to unblock your ears immediately when you are sitting on the plane.

Firstly, take a deep breath. After that, pinch both your nostrils together with your fingers and make sure your mouth is closed. Gently, try to exhale from your pinched nose. If you do the technique right, your ears will back to normal.

Learning how to pop your ears with this technique is easy, but you have to be careful. Just do it gently and don’t blow your hard to avoid damaging your eardrums.

Try Swallowing

Sometimes, the sudden change in altitude will not only make your ears blocked, but it also keeps popping and cause an uncomfortable sensation. If you want to know how to stop ear popping, there is one method that you can do easily. Swallowing.

You probably have learned this trick when you are looking for tricks on how to pop your ears when you have a cold. Even though the trigger is different, the main cause of clogged ears when you catch a cold and when you take a flight is the same blocked Eustachian tubes.

Swallowing will encourage your throat to move, which will automatically open the airways and reduce pressure on your Eustachian tubes. Try to swallow a couple of times to trigger the muscles to work. Besides swallowing, you also can try chewing gums or eating candies. Basically, anything that can make the muscles around the Eustachian tubes to move.

Toynbee Maneuver

You also have to know how to pop your ears with Toynbee Maneuver because it is very easy. Learning how to unblock ears after flying might seem simple. But since the result will vary among person, it is better to have multiple tricks up your sleeve.

Toynbee Maneuver is pretty similar to Valsalva Maneuver. Start with pinching your nostrils together with your fingers. However, instead of exhaling, with Toynbee Maneuver you are required to swallow. Try swallowing while still pinching your nose and your ears will be unblocked immediately. If Valsalva Maneuver doesn’t help or you are afraid of blowing too hard, Toynbee Maneuver can be a safer option.

Now that you know how to pop your ears when it is clogged, you can enjoy your flight without worry. If those techniques don’t work and your ears are still blocked after few hours, don’t hesitate to get proper medical help.

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